Aug 30 2016

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 1.45.03 PM – old skool track

Fast Eddie RIP

This is the standard we were brought up on, followed and spread. Everything that came after was just static and distraction.

I wanted to see if Old Skool Track was still up, and it is!

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It really explains everything…It was the first street oriented track website. Fixed Gear Fever dot com existed but it was centered on velodrome racing.

I’ve told the story of meeting Vince on here before. But briefly again, fall 1997, I was working on my paramount (I rode on sew-ups my brief 97-98 bid in NYC, not out of purity-I just couldn’t afford to get my wheels rebuilt.), stopped at Broadway and Houston and a old head on a red Colnago track bike rode up to me and started talking to me about track bikes. He was obviously a G. He handed me a business card for and I was so hype.

I went home to Flushing that night and read it on my girlfriend’s computer. I mean I just sat there and read it. It was like all of these little parts of what I thought I knew from second hand word of mouth were being backed up by this site.

Spend some time there if you want to know about the urban use of track bikes. It’s all still relevant and essentially the same as it was in 1997.

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