Aug 28 2016

Love u for ever.#FastEddie #RIP #love

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Thinking about #FastEddie and looking at my Frejus #trackbike 🔥 There was a bunch of NYC messengers that didn't always carry their locks while working. They just told one of the many hot dog or bagel cart guys to take a look while dropping off packages and left the bike unlocked with them on the street. As Eddie was a really tall guy, his frames were always very big and nobody really knew about trackbikes in the 80's and early 90's. Maybe 10 years later they stole his bike when he took his son Nagi to school in the Lower East Side. As far as I remember it was his greenish Frejus. Remembering Eddies face and comment, when I put straight bars on my Cannondale track. No worries MY YOUT, I will put some drop bars on it, if I build it up again 🙏🏿

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