Aug 27 2016

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repost from @cinecycle "#MyYout!" I'll hear this forever. a term of endearment & respect. It's hard to know where to begin, #FastEddie … Man, It's really tough to envision cycling In nyc without seeing him …his dreadlocks flapping , Sunglasses gleaming , and hearing "MyYout" echo out from the street , with that huge Contagious smile and the massive fist bump… I knew Eddie between 2003-2016. He knew me when I was up and when I was down. He was stoked when I was in love and he was a comfort when I was heart broken. He had food when I was hungry and offered his home when I was homeless. He was a sage , a man of infinite wisdom …and wise cracks. He was true, real to the wheel , no hype , no bullshit. He started riding as a messenger 30 yrs ago, he rode fixed before it was a fashion …he predated that shit by decades….It was a reflection of who Eddie was and how he lived his life. He was a free spirit , perhaps one of the freeest. He always spoke his mind and never minced words. He was a brother in arms , always with his camera and was one of the first to document the #messenger family from the inside from the bicycle & from the heart. Eddie Was a proud Father & Loved showing photos of his Kids. Everyone looked up to Eddie in some way, I don't think I ever heard anyone speak ill of him. Maybe they didn't like it if he called them out on their shit …But he was always respected and he was loved. In 2004 when i was arrested by the nypd during the rnc, a photo of me ended up on page 6 of the post. I got tons of voice messages that week. but there was one message that stood out, It was from Eddie. I saved that message repeatedly for 5 years, every once in a while I'd listen to it… "Yo man , Dan , Its Eddie Man …yo , your on page six man , above the fold, yo this is awesome , respect , so much respect , love you bro, i need you to sign this " I couldn't have imagined or asked to have been recognized by another person who could have meant more to me at that time or ever. love you Eddie, I'll miss you , the streets have lost a #warriorpoet , but our hearts will be stronger and our wheels tuer from jah line you left behind. #2wheelz1

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Rip #fasteddie 2006 #bicyclefilmfestival

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Monster track prom 2013 …the blacks 📷 @tak_nyc #FastEddie

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– -=FAST EDDIE=- .Ride In Peace. Lot's of people thinking bout you man… ♡ #fasteddiewilliams

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Fast Eddie Williams poses with his Matsuri for a photoshoot in the 1980's. Ride in peace. #rip #fasteddie #eddiewilliams #messlife #fixedgear

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