Fast Twitch vs Slow Twitch

Aug 23 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 7.07.36 AM

The guy who used to manage the Bike Line on Arch Street was a track pro. He told me he couldn’t move forward because he didn’t have fast twitch muscles. He was real cool – gave me a box of Christophe toe clips and 2 Cinelli Volare SLX saddles.

There was a messenger who moved down here from New York. He was a big dude. He told us he quit racing road because he got dropped by all the skinny dudes on the hills. He moved to Philly to use the T-Town track. (not really close). He was a beast on the track. He was real cool too. We saw him out one night and he was all gucci with a Lexus and a classy, sophisticated lady and we were like dirty on track bikes going to write graffiti and start trouble. Haha.