YDL Shirt

Aug 10 2016


I saw this for sale somewhere on ebay. I’m pretty sure I printed this shirt in the UArts silkscreen lab in 1996- after I got kicked out of school. I snuck dasar and speed in there and we used the vacuum table. A student ratted us out and called security. Somehow we pulled it off with my expired ID but she was salty we got to stay…

This graphic was the cover of the 7″. I never saw a t-shirt of it. I made about 6 of these. I think that’s all. I bought a couple packs of hanes undershirts for the project. It’s cool one is still out there.

Hey politically I have no idea what was up with this band. We learned English Nick raced downhill for spooky in the 90’s.

So it’s landlords relevant.


Kristie A’s helmet reminded me of all of the over the top NYHC skinhead flag graphics from the late 80’s…I swear there’s an AF longsleeve tour shirt with an eagle holding a flag in it’s mouth but I can not find an image of it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.11.51 AM

That’s how I got into this search…

I sold my YDL 7″ in 1997 or early 1998. It was at Robby Redcheek’s Burn show in south philly. I talked about it a little before. I sold pretty much everything hardcore I had to build a new track wheelset on clinchers. I think Lee at Bicycle Therapy built those wheels.

I had an ok t-shirt and record collection. The YDL 7″ was the hottest item I had for sale. Clear blue vinyl. Tiny pressing. I did a live auction. It was so funny. Three dudes wanted it and I said “highest bidder.” I can’t remember the price but over $50.



Just looking around more this is the Burn shirt that I had. What was that graphic on the back?

Still no AF eagle/flag shirt.

Maybe I’m nuts but I thought it was based on this Harley Davidson logo: