Shore Report

Aug 03 2016




I heard there is zero MTB terrain in Cape May County. You can’t ride your bike on this.

The Wildwoods/Cape May sign painter is good.

It seems like Safaris are lasting longer than Astrovans. This is a Safari condo.

I had the best time over this drawbridge for 2 or 3 years. I lost it last summer. ( I’m still number 2 ha.) I like going fast over bridges. We’ve talked about it before the draw bridges at the shore are scary because of the metal grate section you have to cross. Nate G knows someone who fell on his face on one and broke his eye orbit. Last year I went over the one to Stone Harbor in some rain/fog and slid at an angle over the whole thing. I thought for sure I was eating shit but somehow recovered and got a massive adrenalin rush as a reward. I had enough time to picture how sliced up I was going to be when I stood up after. I didn’t go that fast over them this year. I’m generally out of shape right now. It sucks. Riding at the beach is hard man, I always forget. The asphalt has all these rocks in it and there’s headwinds and the air is thick with salt and it was hot as shit. It’s cool if you catch a tailwind but the headwinds grind you down. I can hold about 20mph steady for 2 hours but I’m finished after. There’s no coasting involved and there’s a lot of Tri dudes going 23 mph @ 70 rpm’s. I like going up and down I guess. It’s a nice change but I need some hills. Maybe someday mountains right? I think that would be where I need to go next with bikes. Maybe 10 years or so move onto a real mountain somewhere ill. Hawaii or something bomb. Who knows.