This Changed Everything!

Jul 22 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.59.47 AM
I was working for Breakaway, rookie in NYC. The clamp down happened shortly after. No more anarchy in the streets. Dragnets and grabbing you off your bike would follow! Ticketing blitz. Who didn’t get one? They got me at 46th and 7th. Lined up across the intersection and grabbed 3 other riders. The BMX kid they grabbed was going to cry! They straight clothes lined him off the bike!

You know when you ride your bike off the street onto the sidewalk to lock up? That’s a ticket! Half a day’s pay gone in seconds.

To be a good messenger you must break the law.


Turns out if you don’t pay your bike ticket it turns into a warrant and the sheriff’s can pull you out of your crib!

…and if they don’t the warrant stays on your file for 10 years-so if you get questioned about anything you’re getting locked up!

(if you wrote graffiti this added some extra thrills)

So you got to get your boy to pay the fee at the cashier because you think if you go in you’ll be in Central Bookings for a couple days…

Haha lol.