Continued Movement Update

Jul 09 2016

Original Novel. Not much related to the movie in here but an excellent look into mid 60’s NY gang culture. Sol Yurick drove a van with a peephole in it up to the block in BK and spied on gang members to get his material. NYC 1965

(UK cover? Pink Panther Styles.)

The legendary movie released 14 years later. Sol Yurick was not a fan of what became of his novel but the over the top aspect of it spoke to the kids. Shot in NYC. Released 1979.

alternate novel cover after movie release.

This cover is just an ad for the movie.


Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters
UK Double Feature release with Death Wish in 1979.

Blitz 7″ 1982 Manchester

I always assumed this song was about the movie, the timing, the 7″ cover matches the UK poster with the long shadows on the beach, and the lyrics generally fit. When he sings “warriors” it sounds like “Warriors come out and play” But hey maybe I’m totally wrong. Drop blitz a line and ask.

Judge “Warriors” cover 1989 NYC

Warriors Bike Messenger race 2002 NYC


Bicycle Gangs of NY – Excerpt from Cheryl Dunn on Vimeo.

Bicycle Gangs of New York Short Film and Photo Book NYC 2005
(First appearance of Landlords in media. The film/concept was roughly based on the Warriors film.)
(The Title looks similar to the original novel cover with the switchblade.)

Warriors Bike Messenger race 2016 NYC 50 years after Sol started his book sitting in a van in BK.