Jul 07 2016

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Let’s start in West Kingston, JA in the early 60’s.

and then immigrate to the UK.









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Source: Check this out, it’s from May 2016. Real good photos, press clippings, etc.

DC USA 1982


NY USA (1986, Recorded 1987)

(I feel like I should put a disclaimer on this video. There’s some racists spouting racism in this report. This was almost 30 years ago. I don’t know what a lot of people in it are up to now but it’s probably best to judge people on what they’re currently doing not what they were doing in 1988. Or not, do you. The story keeps moving and sometimes it gets ugly. It’s better to know how open the racism had become and what was needed to fight it then to pretend this didn’t exist. Landlords is strictly Anti-Racist and Anti-Fascist if it needs to be said.

You see those dudes handing out their flyers in their berets and neo-nazi garb? That shit was the real danger. They passed out those racist flyers to all these lost punk kids and it stuck for a bunch of them. They found where they fit in. It was a trend in 1989. Make the easy switch from the Sex Pistols to Skrewdriver. Fucked up. Those flyers filled with racist “facts” were sponsored by established Nationalist organizations. A lot of people bought it hook, line and sinker…and not just dumb people. I’d be dismayed to hear intelligent punks spitting out facts gleaned from 1908 biology books. I guess there was a taboo element that attracted people. The ultimate bad guy or something. You got me I’m sure someone has written extensively about WHY.

Part of it was this was an actual, organized conspiracy to pull disaffected youth from the punk scene and bring them into the White Power movement.

I was never down with that shit or anyone that was. That stuff made me feel queasy. Like it was so wrong. Independent record stores would sell all of that shit. I do not know who worked out the distribution deals for WP record companies but it was all available. Maybe they’d put a post in the sleeve. “We don’t believe in racism but we believe in free speech.” and making money off racist 15 year olds.

A bunch of people corrected themselves by 1990-But there was a bloody struggle that went on for years. When they tried to make a comeback around 1996 the reaction was quick… )

“…and Sunday for skinheads is thrash day.” ha. Oh man that opener makes me nostalgic. So corny. Like Louis Young’s acid wash denim jacket with the popped collar.

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I got the DYS straight edge fist tattoo pictured in the video when I was 15. I’m pretty sure I saw this report because I was aware of the tattoo before I saw it on a record or in person. It was in the Mouthpiece 7″ lyric sheet, Rob Fish’s leg and obviously on Dave Smalley’s arm. I don’t know, I thought it was so cool.

There was a lot of stuff like this on TV in the late 80’s. It was a struggle for me to see it and not have my parents notice what it was about. They’d have the news on, there’d be a teaser “Coming up next skinhead danger!” I’d be like “Oh shit here it is.”

(“Pro skater murders his girlfriend in San Diego” )

(“Great.” )

(Gator caused problems for skaters everywhere.)

I should mention that City Gardens banned Doc Martens shortly after this clip aired. They did it to keep out the skins. Too much trouble. It didn’t matter. They’d fight it out in sneakers until a couple of major things occurred and the skins began their major fade out around 1992. Sometimes that ban was on, sometimes it was off, depending on the show. The same thing with stage diving. Sometimes you could, sometimes you couldn’t. That’s why that place got known for it’s violent, innovative pit. If you couldn’t stagedive or dogpile you had to focus on dancing. But I don’t know, sometimes you could just do it. It loosened and tightened.

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