Monday Selecter- Wolfpack

Jun 27 2016

Someone gave me a tape in 8th grade with DYS on it.

“What does DYS stand for?”

“Deadly Young Skins.”


It was really Division of Youth Services. Minor Threat and DC coined the term “straight edge”, but Boston created the style that would carry on.

Dischord Records kept Minor Threat in press forever so the music stayed in rotation. XClaim didn’t exist any longer. I think Taaang! may have released a DYS discography in the 90’s but it was harder to find initially. Dischord stayed relevant and progressed while pushing their original bands. I’m not sure what Taaang! Records did.

When I was 19 or 20 my friend James and I were so into this song. We really liked the lyrics.

“You’re gonna get hit.”