GS Landlords Monday Morning Update

Jun 27 2016

New names, new faces, new miles.


I feel the distance.
Michele D shuts down the Boys Club in total mileage with just under 255. Michele is new to the club, from SF and apparently works for Strava. Adam S follows one mile under, and Fergus L finishes it off. Everyone is from SF? GTFO! haha.

Longest Ride
Addison M of GS Boston sat on it for 92 miles. Adam S again, and Dan J (of GS SF) finishes it off at 83 miles.

Get High

Adam S at 23k. Damn Adam. Michele D at 14k. Dan J just over 10k. Elevation was achieved!


5 SF members in the top 10.
2 Philly Members.
1 Boston Member.
1 Richmond Member.
1 NYC Member (you can have Bill A on loan for the summer.)

GS San Francisco dominates and takes the Coveted City Award.

Just a note for everyone who wants to get their name on that list… 120 miles is the minimum of what you need to possibly get on there. 20 miles a day would put you at 140. 40 a day would put you at 280 and at the top of the list.



So I still don’t have a formula for this. Elevation, distance and speed all need to be considered. Without doing math it’s a tossup between Bill A and Fergus L.Let’s just say they both went real fast.

Join the Crew:

Where are our other cities? What happened to LA, Copenhagen, Chicago, Madrid, Barcelona…