Selecter: Question Mark

Jun 22 2016

I’ve been focused primarily on hardcore music lately. It’s setting the stage for Landlords genesis. We’re talking about 50 years of Teen Rebellion and Youth Culture Tribes-All leading up to the perfection of Landlords Cycling.

Oh fuck it, just check this out, I can’t stay mellow for long…:

Mods, mods, stupid sods
badges of The Who
Mods, mods, moped lads
motors scooters too

Punks, punks they ain’t dead,
see ’em down the 100 Club
Punks, punks, spikey hair,
always getting chucked out of pubs

Rockers, rockers, greasy hair,
you don’t know where they’ve been
Rockers, rockers,
heavy metal, dirty denim jeans

Skinheads, skinheads on the streets,
always sniffin’ glue
Skinheads, skinheads,
red white and blue


Boredom! on the street – all we got is boredom
Violence! on the street – all we got is violence
Coppers! on the street – all we got is coppers
Fuck all! on the street – all we got is fuck all

All we got… gang warfare