Hooligan Selecter – all i gotta say is the kids don’t care!

Jun 16 2016

all i gotta say is the kids don’t care!

All the skinheads I knew said Judge ruined “Warriors” I call bullshit on that. Bullshit. This was in America, not the UK. We were hardcore here. Oi! music’s cool, but it’s not American. I’m not really patriotic or anything but I liked our take on the music. I can appreciate, but I couldn’t be part of it-Because I didn’t live in Manchester in 1981.

Never forget the warriors.

Hey also speaking of English bands meeting American skinheads-Turns out they don’t like you if you have a song called Fuck the USA:

Stephen B: And Wattie’s screaming out, “The skins are me mates, the skins are me mates,” and we’re like, “Fuck you!” We’re spitting on them and shit. It was just us being us, that’s all. When the shit went down, he thinks that it is all the skins against him, but it wasn’t. He just pissed us off because we were all American-ed up that night. Any other night it probably wouldn’t have mattered. We were doing chicken rides, we had the American flags flying… it was a great night.

Tony R: And that was it: after that it was just chaos.

Michael M (Pagan Babies vocalist): Halfway through Exploited’s set I was out in the parking lot doing something with a fanzine. We were just sitting in the van bullshitting. The Exploited had a camper they were traveling around in, which was odd anyway because mostly everybody traveled in vans. It wasn’t as big as a Winnebago, but it was pretty big. From where I was standing I could see the stage inside and I saw Wattie had an issue with some skinheads in the front. At one point somebody jumped on the stage and tried to swing at him. I don’t think they were even done playing and the parking lot started filling up a little bit. And I see people swinging stuff at this camper. The guy who was interviewing me was asking me, “What do you think of what is happening to the Exploited’s van?” It was crazy. They blew out every window in that camper, they flattened every tire, they completely fucked that van up while we were sitting there.

Tony R: I was outside interviewing the Pagan Babies for Jersey Beat and we were out in their van and it was like conducting an interview in Kuwait. There was noise everywhere, there was shit flying through the air. You could see through the window that people were throwing bottles. It was utter chaos.

“Hard Karl” :
I remember when they flipped over the U-Haul outside. It just got really fucking ugly.

Randy N: It only takes ten guys rocking for couple minutes to tip over an empty U-Haul trailer. It was empty because all the equipment was onstage! It was just a trailer, not the whole van.

Dave F: They tipped their van over, chased them right out of Trenton. It was insane.

Mike Judge: Once I got into my own band and started going on tour and playing those small, little towns where people aren’t so tolerant of you; especially if they think you come in with this big “New York attitude” and shit and the local tough guy wants to show up the singer of the New York band or whatever… every time I had to go play in front of any hostile crowd I would always think of that. I would always think of Wattie just standing up to a whole crowd of people who just made it very vocal that they didn’t like him. Just the balls that they had to stand out there and play through that. That’s the performance I think of. It was very impressive.


city gardens
(outside. There was some work to do to get your parents to drop you off there on a Sunday afternoon- when you were 13 or 14.)