GS Morning

Jun 13 2016


Looks like Richard D and Mak were battling it out for podium domination this week with Dan J making a solid effort. Mak’s ride and elevation put him over the top.

Richard took top spot at 208. Mak was close behind, but not in Philly. Dan J closes it out at 176.
Ride Mak is marked in at 181miles. That’s a ride for sure. Fuzzy and Richard both clocking in just under 80mi.
Mak was climbing and logged over 20k feet. Damn dude where are you? Richard D and Dan J, 14k and 11k respectively in SF.

Speed is harder to quantify without taking into account elevation and distance. Jmsy held it down this week. Devon S and Brenden H held slightly lower speeds than spots 2 and 3 but held it for a much longer distance with more elevated gain. I’m still working out the kinks for the speed rating…18.8mph to 17.7mph But wait…. looking at Brenden’s elevation he should be top.


Last Week’s champion city SF: 3
Philly: 5
NYC: 1

Philadelphia takes the crown this week. thanks team. I think I’m ready to be back on a bike this week. Maybe I can make a dent.

Can you?