Free Bike Divorce

Jun 08 2016

Seems illegal but still up, tough break. Kind of sad if the family bikes in the back are related. Anyway try to find it before police get involved. If this is real and not a joke.

My input:

Really ugly setup according to my taste but I know people are into the style. Get rid of those wheels, get something lowpro, you’re not in a time trial. Dump those shifters, replace with campagnolo. Derailleurs too. Hey what kind of cranks are those? This is why you take a DS picture. Needs a way better saddle. Replace stem with downward tilt. Chop steerer tube. Get rid of spacers. Black bartape. Black cages. black headset. black brakes. What pedals are those? Nice seatpost.

Look carbon fork huh, i don’t know, it’s ok.


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.26.50 PM
The Battle of Fort Greene

Circa 2000 A bunch of people had a big apartment on Carlton right by Myrtle. They had some memorable parties. Mostly Pratt people. One uptight roommate got mad because a lot of people tagged his Chinatown calendar and the parties stopped. Or maybe they didn’t and graffiti writers were banned.

Also had a custie on Myrtle right above Carlton. He who would call Sunday 10am as soon as the phones turned on. He was always fighting with his girlfriend. I think they got junked out for a while. Things went south. They were very 1990’s Brooklyn, sawing wood all over the place, adding in a sunken living room, exposed wiring. Once they gave me some brownies she made. Potent dude.