GS Morning

Jun 06 2016

Good morning to all gruppo sportivo members.


Total Distance Mak(Philadelphia) puts the top distance marker at 218.8 this week. Dan J(San Francisco) is ten miles under at 209.4, new member Dave S (New Holland, PA) closes it out at 196.3

Longest Ride
Sven of (Barcelona) 79.2, Dan J (SF) taking his second spot at 72.9, and Richard D finishing it out just under 70. I think Benske did a 70 mil ride this weekend but I don’t think he logged it. Hey in the last couple weeks Robert A was doing some massive mileage. I’ll have to check that out later.

Dan J, triple crown, 14K. Richard, 12k. Adam S, 10.5k. I believe Adam S did the majority of his climbing on a MTB.


City Award
SF has 5 members in the top 10, taking the majority of positions and the award. Congratulations SF members. Impressive work.


I’m including a top average speed section, I’m surprised Strava doesn’t do it.

Fergus L tops it off at 22.4, I finish it off with my one ride last week where I overheated forty miles in and struggled in an unfun way all the way home.

We should note Bill A is in the number two spot but did 2x Fergus L’s elevation.

You know what else would be cool? Top speed reached. I wonder if Strava avoids that on purpose?