Rain or Shine Fool

Jun 04 2016

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Philadelphia Cycling Classic Tomorrow 8am!


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Bike Messengers, X-Bike Messengers, and Bike Derelicts will post up tonight and party til tomorrow. Bring your Poncho!!! Big Brad Sound Clash. I and I think BEN-FM will lose.

There’s a beer garden.

I mean you don’t have to go to the Beer Garden.

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Get on your bike. But you could take the train, that seems decent, but leaves the Fairmount Park sections fairly inaccessible.

Hey also:

Weed is decriminalized and doesn’t make you act like a sloppy jerk off. Under 30 grams is a ticket unless you’re a dickhead. (thanks Jim Kenney). Be cool, show some etiquette and don’t smoke by kids/families, but by all means partake.

Stay mellow!


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The 9th time up the wall, that will get you. Chris Horner tapped out last year.

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Poncho on at 5am and then again at 9am. First lap descent on Ridge may be hectic!

If there’s lightning it will just strike BEN-FM so it’s all good for Big Brad.

Bring your tent for the possible hail!
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This weather will certainly make things exciting.

Everybody be cool! Stay dry! Don’t blow away!