I’m pulling files…

Jun 02 2016


…for a set of 4 Landlords magazines chronicling the last 100 pages of the blog.

This is one of Dan’s pictures from 1996. It’s the Manhattan Bridge, pre ramp, when the messengers ruled the bridges. I was actually looking for a picture of the Williamsburg Bridge to go along with some text, but this is great too.

( I’m not really touching anything before 2015 right now. There’s to much and it needs some special attention. I don’t think that’s something that could be handled with self publishing and it’s not a graphic design task I have the time for personally.)

Oh hey off topic, that bridge worked reminded me of this far superior Revs Wall from 1995

(This was hosted on a random graffiti flickr. I think the JK Cotellavision watermark is the photagraphers? I don’t know. I guess they’re the ones who added all the funky color and saturation to the photo. Photoshop, sometimes just leave it alone.)

That wall was so inspirational to me. Even after they stacked cars over it.