Permanent Collection

May 27 2016

IMG_6534 (1)
D Lord Discovery 2008

Erik Z advises no actual usage.

Current helmet lifespan seems to be 3-8 years but I’ve fallen on my head on a 14 year old Limar and it did not split, just dented. I wouldn’t trust that endorsement though. (Look out for wet leaves!)

Anyway if you’re wearing some old brain bucket, you might as well go with nothing, as Erik advises.

Also if you’re searching for helmets on ebay make sure it’s a current model so you get your money’s worth. And it won’t split when you fall.

I’m not sure when Italian helmets started getting US Safety ratings but up to the late 90’s a lot of stuff like Rudy Project was non-compliant and couldn’t be sold in shops here. If you wanted some cool stuff you had to order from over seas.

And while we’re going into old helmet info check out this cool website.

The pro peloton was still mostly helmetless on hot days in 2003. Can you imagine that?

It’s like when they used to have ashtrays in McDonald’s.

Full disclosure: Brian SF wore this helmet when he visited.