Local PSA: Avoid Kelly Drive

May 26 2016

novice cyclists, novice cyclists trying to go fast, heat fatigued cyclists that tried to go fast, frat dudes trying to text their moms while riding beach cruisers, head phones everywhere, rickshaws, quad bikes, hex bikes? I don’t know what you call those things, a boardwalk buggy or something, hand holding dates of all varieties, stray dogs, joggers with noise cancelling head phones, rollerbladers, scooterers, long boarders, rollerbladers, roller skaters, did I mention headphones? rollerbladers and dogs on leashes, rollerbladers with dogs off leashes, not one person that could look over their shoulder before swerving all over the place on what ever ridiculous vehicle they chose while listening to I Heart Radio.

Plan for alternate route or plan for annoyance.

It’s finally summer time.

Before 4:00 I’ll take up a lane on MLK if I have the energy and go that way. The bike path on that side is so busted, it’s getting unusable. I don’t mind being in the drive if I have energy but if I’m tired it can be pretty hectic to have the cars swerve around, especially right before the light under the bridge when the shoulder disappears or up at the top at Dead Man’s Curve.

Today I just wanted to chill and get home. No way!