May 19 2016


This morning you could still ride on Kelly Drive dodging college students on long boards and razor scooters. I’m not kidding you. Long boards were bad enough…but razor scooters, and you’re not 11 years old? GTFO.

Also side note: I swear some food boy tried to race me today and then called me a “fucking asshole” when he realized how slow he was. I mean I think that’s what he said, he was heaving and behind me. Kids these days. Laughable matters on the street, as usual. Why try to race if you are so slow? Get an e-bike and an attitude adjustment as they say.

Also another side note: This year I’m riding in the drops way more than before. It’s helpful with all this headwind. It took me a while to feel comfortable in that position for longer amounts of time but when I adjusted it really made things easier.

Plus: The MTB work is helping my cadence on the road while climbing in small gears.