Continuing Selecter-Urban Music for Urban Bike Riders.

May 18 2016

“When everything you need to know
is out on the street.

Every lesson to learn
carved into concrete.”
-Killing Time

Today we’re starting with more NYHC. Sorry if it’s aggro for 9am on a Wednesday, but I’m focusing on 1989-1991 New York right now. It would be impossible to leave hardcore music out of that equation.

This is one of my favorite live records. Great mix of bands from CA, Boston and NYC with cool banter between songs. If you remember Token Entry playing you’ll remember them finishing with this song. Big dog pile on the stage…Check out the video below, start at 39:45 (or 42:05 if you can’t stand this music but are interested in the anthropology) to see it performed at a reunion show in 1995. I was there, I was sure I could find myself, but did not. (Wrong I did. I climb on the stage near 42:00 on the right side with a blue short sleeve shirt. I get in up in that mess and then do a weak stage dive with out enough vertical lift at 42:30. My shirt has an arrow on the back and reads “follow me I’m a leader” I think I get kicked in the top of the head around 44:00 because I check my head for blood a couple of times after.) Lot’s of familiar faces…What a blast.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.58.32 PM
That’s me in the blue shirt on the right, official finger pointer 1995.

We’re satisfied to keep our lives buried in the dirt!

I can’t find the live version of this song that was on the Free For All comp, but here’s a live set from 1988 at CB’s, it starts with the clockwork orange theme music to prepare you for the ultra-violence. This isn’t the best live show, but there’s some stand out moments.

Continuing along with bands that could beat you up here’s Killing Time in 1990. Another one of my favorites. This was their last show for a couple of years. They had a reunion at the Wetlands around 1994. There’s a video on youtube but it’s not very good. No stagediving for some reason. (The wetlands sucked BTW. It had a big support pillar in the middle of the dance floor and a lower stage.)

It’s crazy they played for an hour. The entire crowd is done by the end.

I’ll slow down the hardcore exposure soon. It just seems important to set the stage for the bike messengers that came out of this. The attitude, style and aggression were related for some.

I don’t know why I’m justifying this. I know it’s inaccessible to a lot of readers and might turn some people away, but it’s another piece of our puzzle.