Station Update

May 17 2016


“I was reading the post the other day regarding the station on JFK. I’m writing this letter from the remains of Love (Park) on the outside walls which are now surrounded by temporary chain link fences and stumps of cut trees.

I’ve bin “managing” the station since the late Adam James passed a few years back. I always knew across from 711 to be the station from the guys before me and, most drivers are a whole other breed so it makes it easy for the real kooks to find it by jus saying directly across from 711 or 2 penn or whatever.

The south east corner which was discussed on the site is still active. I see on regular basis Mike the Greek and Nick handing off with drivers. I could possible be spotted once in while swapping with a driver if I have an order in at the King of Falafel. Well whatever I’m ranting now. Hope this station update helps. Huge shoutout to all the station mangers before me. Rip Adam James”

-Michael B

I was curious about how many messengers were still on the street in Philly and asked Michael what he thought:

“I tried to make an honest count is probably around thirty ishhh or so legal couriers. Ill attach the 2016 PBMA group photo I shot in January , but since that photo a few folks have moved on and many where not pictured. ”
-Michael B

I was trying to think how many messengers there were in 1998. There was probably 30 people at Heaven Sent.

Totally Inaccurate Count of Philadelphia messengers mid-late 90’s.

Heaven Sent 30
American Expediting 20
Kangaroo 5
Rapid 10
One Hour 8
Philly Express 5
Time Cycle 20
Intercept (beats me! one million)

30 dudes at companies I’m forgetting. Plus 100 other dudes that worked a day a week.

These numbers could be totally wrong. I’ll ask around tomorrow for a more accurate count.

Salute to all messengers still on the street in Philadelphia and Worldwide.