MTB Fever

May 17 2016


I caught it. I don’t know what’s going on with me this spring. I’ve been feeling the need to go in the woods and get gnarly. I’ll adjust the program as I see fit but right now I think I’m enjoying MTB more.

But…but…what about my Strava quota? Going to have to double up I guess.

Also I haven’t put one of these on here for a while but here’s a wants list for my viner:

8 speed XT cranks.
8 speed xt RD
8 speed XT FD or whatever
26.4 seatpost (nothing special, I just cracked mine at the clamp.)
platform/spd pedals
bar/stem combo
some fresher wheels with 8 speed XT

please hit up “contact” if you have any of this.

I’m going to learn more on the rigid bike and then when I feel ready I’ll move into FS.