GS Morning

Apr 25 2016


I feel the distance:

Cosme, of GS NYC rings the distance bell with 395 miles in the deep south of the US.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.22.14 AM
cosme’s whip.

Mak of GS Philadelphia was second with 269 miles.

The third distance champ was Adam S of GS San Francisco at 208 miles.

Maybe you missed it:
Mak also went on the longest ride at 125 miles.
Robert A of GS SF followed at 98, with Cosme finishing it off at 87.

Mountain G.O.A.T.
Adam S of GS SF felt like going uphill with a powerful 22K feet of climbing.
Mak got 10.3K in Philly.
Ramon J got 8.2k in SF as well.


GS SF grabs the coveted City Award this week with 4 of 10 spots and a strong showing on the podium.

Bill A of GS Philadelphia has the fastest average speed this week at 21.1 mph.