Mark Your Calendars

Apr 23 2016

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Philadelphia International Cycling Classic

June 5 2016. Philadelphia. Hang out with the drunk messengers on Lemon Hill or hang out with drunk frat dudes on the Wall. Or do both. Easier with a bike. Good luck with a car. I heard Big Brad has special plans for Lemon Hill this year. And I heard Chad from the Alpha Beta Zeta Nova house is throwing a massive beer pong tournament on Mitchell. Epic bro. I can’t even imagine what kind of music a frat bro likes in 2016, so you’ll have to ask him.

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Link for last year’s race.

More links for visitors:
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Philly Cycling Info—LINK

Get a hotel or airbnb in Center City, don’t end up in the Lincoln in Bensalem.

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Some links:
Visit Philly Find A Hotel


(the lincoln hotel on route 1)

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airbnb is looking cheap-but look out there’s only 12% left.

Or you could be friendly and community-y and find some local with a good sofa or floor. Or like one of those nooks under the stairs where you can put a sleeping bag and have just enough room for your head.

Are there any shows or parties scheduled for Friday, Saturday or Sunday night? I don’t know beats me. Ask around.