RIP Prince

Apr 22 2016

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Prince got one last ride in.
via Jerimiah Freed

Anybody remember New Year’s 1999 when 1999 was getting blasted at every party?

I do, chipped my tooth on a giant bottle of champagne at this fresh party on 2nd and 10th, got extremely wasted, walked around did tags, ended up in the McDonald’s on Canal eating french fries. I remember there was some Italian girls on Houston, I tried to rap to them about bikes and they weren’t feeling it, but I had done ok for myself at the party. This girl from LA asked if I was in NSync, the boy band, and I was like “yeah.”

You know when you’re trying to do a tag on the back of the seat in the taxi, but your marker stinks and the driver is like “What’s that smell, what are you doing back there?!” and you’re like “Nothing!”?

After all that the squad slept over at Serge’s in Chelsea. He lived with Alan Cage (beyond, burn, quicksand) for a second. Woke up massive hung over on the pullout in the living room and Alan Cage was sitting there watching one of those History of New York documentaries on PBS. Someone, not fucking me, threw up in the bed. Alan pulled the sheet back and saw it and was like “J——!” It was hilarious. I mean it was gross, but it was funny.

I will say once again I did not make the mess in the bed, and Katherine from Rookie skateboards was mega pissed about that and the tags in the stairwell. It was her place mostly. Whoever threw up in the bed promised to wash the sheets and never did. She was hassling Serge to tell him to wash those sheets for weeks.

Fairly strange scene.

I was scheduled to work at Bikyle on Jan 1st, 2000. Got FIRED instead! Oh and then my girlfriend broke up with me. I mean she should have. No salt there, but man I burned through a lot in 2 days!

Next thing you know I’m sleeping on the floor on 20th street in Philly and Robby was like “you could stay for a while but I have a lot of straight edge bands sleeping over so don’t get to comfortable.” And there was, there’d be like 10 dudes with no shirts on sleeping in the living room and I’d have to step around their heads to get to my spot. I moved back to NY a couple weeks later.


Just for fun: Alan Cage discography

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