Return of the GS Morning

Apr 18 2016


New names, old names, new locales, old locales. GS Landlords.

GS Philadelphia rings the total distance bell this week taking all 3 spots. Bill A is top ringer. Welcome Mak.

Longest Ride Awards: Jacob K of GS Philadelphia rings the bell with 102.6mi. Ramon J of GS San Francisco missed the top spot by .2 miles. Cholle of GS Utrecht did 92.

Mountain G.O.A.T. Department
Adam S of GS SF just under 13K feet
Matt S of GS Oregon right at 8.9k feet
Jacob K of GS Philadelphia climbed 8.4k feet

GS Philadelphia takes the coveted City Award this week.
Looking at the top 10 you have to be doing over 111mi to get a spot. Check out Bill A’s average speed.

(GS Landlords longsleeve t-shirts will be available in the Store shortly. Currently we only have XL left, but it’s a true XL, not a post-obesity epidemic XL. All proceeds go directly back into future projects.)

(We’ve been getting some requests again for team kits. I can tell you last time no one would pony up the $$$ to actually buy them. If there is enough interest to pre-order we can talk. Please drop us a line at the contact button if you would be interested. its’s hard for me to tell sometimes with this blog who is actually into this stuff.)

Last week:
Sorry never got to talk about this because of tech difficulties. Richard D was beasting last week.

Also sign up, ride your bike around.