Apr 06 2016




Messina Pista 1980s Classic Track Bike

“Guido Messina, born in Monreale, Sicilia, was an Italian road and track champion cyclist of the 1950s-1960s, who rode with the Frejus and Molteni teams.

He won a golden medal in the olympic track pursuit and 5 world championships in the individual pursuit on the road, two of which as an amateur and four in a consecutive row!
After retiring from the competitions, he started to provide high-quality road and track bicycles, the frame of which were built by expert artisans as Giovanni PelĂ  from Turin, amongst others.

This frame is made of Columbus Super Leggeri steel tubes and is a decent tight track masterpiece. The classy geometry and design make the speed this bike can go almost feelable at first sight and guess what it is pretty light, too! Despite some not exactly lightweight parts, it weighs in at just 7.5 kg (without pedals).” -aye tee

Look at the saddle angle on this Scapin. You get the idea a lot of bikes got taken out of action when the saddle got loose. Like that was the last straw. Don’t have the proper wrench to tighten up the clamp? Put it in the garage for 30 years…