Blackbook 2004

Mar 18 2016


Delve made these stickers in the winter/spring of 2004. People got so mad at them. They’d scribble out Kerry and write in:

“What is the alternative?”

That’s the summer the massive RNC protests occurred in Manhattan.

The riot cops would surround a big group of protestors and wrap them in orange construction fencing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 12.05.57 AM
At least Kerry’s a cyclist. Check out his tall custom serotta. LINK

On a side note I opened up this blackbook to see what was inside, and then my head exploded and I had to put it away.

skrew, fanta, kent, risk 9 (pushing TFV), zer, kech, trasher and others.

One risk 9 page says “blackout 2003”.

Anybody in Manhattan that summer will remember how hot it was…

In the beginning of the night we got some free tofutti ice cream sandwiches from the health food store and then walked over to Piano’s where Roger worked.

Roger’s ill if you don’t know. He’s got a Pinarello track bike rolling on Sheriff Stars.

He asked me if I wanted to do the door for a second and I was like “Yeah!”

I always liked being the temporary doorman at a bar so I could get off some jokes on the clientele.

David Cross, the actor, came in. He’d been living in the neighborhood for a year or so. I didn’t know his name at that time. It was before his career really took off. I knew him from Mr. Show so when I’d see him I’d be like “Oh shit Mr. Show.”

I took a while to look at his ID with the flashlight and really stretched out the whole process. He put up with it and didn’t make any wise cracks. I think he just wanted to get inside.

I was pretty sure if he had wanted to get into some kind of joke battle I’d destroy him. I was slightly let down.

We drank there for a while and then we walked up to Caspo and Lori’s on 10th and C. They split hours before and took the PATH to the mall in Jersey City and didn’t tell anyone.

We linked with Kent and Risk 9 below their apartment. We walked around, partied and did tags all night. It was to hot to go inside.

I have some pictures…

I can’t remember when the power went back on but I can remember laying in my bed covered with sweat and the air conditioner turned on and it was like a miracle.