Thirst Day Selecter

Mar 10 2016

Say what you will about KRS, but I was so into Edutainment, in its contemporary era, and than a couple years later when me and nemel would talk about all the lyrics.

Mostly we talked about these lyrics. “It’s structure becomes your structure.”

I heard Edutainment before I heard Blood, Sweat and No Tears, but right around the same time. I think my older brother had a vinyl or cassette copy of it. So I got really into BDP and Youth of Today and was getting out of the Dead Kennedys and Misfits. I was into the vegetarian aspects of all this a lot. I don’t even know what people thought about vegetarians at the time, super hippy weirdo into the Grateful Dead I guess.

I liked that I was getting my info from hardcore and rap music. It made it seem much cooler and crucial, not soft and weak. Actually around that time there was some pretty hot, alternative, girls with “The Smiths Meat is Murder” t-shirts around as well. I think that was the name of their tour around then.

Most suburban knobs were into corny shit like Poison and Motley Crue where the band dressed in drag and had power ballads.

I’m not knocking dudes who dress in drag, that’s cool, do you, I appreciate it, but where my brain was at that point, like 14 years old, shaved heads and warm up suits seemed way harder than hairspray, spandex and eye liner.

A lot of these guidos and jocks into glam metal that would fuck with me/us would go the homophobic or racist route.

“Skater fag” “punk fag” “skinhead faggot” “wigger” whatever. You get the idea. Fuck man. I don’t think people were really into “microagressions” in the late 80’s, it was all macroagression and you were going to get fucked up by some goony roid rage types if you deviated from the norm.

So hardcore music was a defense method as well as a release. It taught you things like “ready to fight” early. It was part of the escalation of violence in suburban scenes. I think jocks expected that they would run things through high school hierarchy. When punk faded and hardcore rose that dynamic certainly changed. The one sided violence became a back and forth. Jocks and guidos don’t seem that scary when there are monster skinheads at the shows.

I got the SOIA cassette, I think at the mall honestly, and put it in my walkman and I hear KRS saying “fresh for 89 you suckers!” and I started putting things together…

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.38.53 AM

Oh since this a bike blog we might as well get into KRS riding his fix.

Riding one day on my freestyle fix…