Mar 08 2016

Just kidding I have one more in the basement…

When I briefly, briefly worked at Bikyle I began to learn how to make wheels. I got pretty good at lacing spokes, and my tensioning was ok but the manager Greg would always get impatient and finish them off for me.

So enough on wheels.

Let’s get down to the spoke cutter. Here’s a picture of the one NY Velo has…


A new spoke cutter came with a tub of Phil hand cleaner. It was in the package.

(It really is a superior hand cleaner.)

In the bathroom at Bikyle, then and now, there’s a big container of Gojo for hand cleansing-it works ok.

So in 1999 I was in the basement cutting some spokes when I noticed the hand cleaner.

Kyle was (is?) kind of tight with all the freebies that came into the shop-so it was weird he hadn’t seen the hand cleaner.

Once Mavic sent a promo baseball hat and I had to go through this really long process to get it. I asked Greg, who asked Kyle, who thought about it for a week and then called me down to his office. I was finally awarded the hat. It was a weird corduroy French cut with a weird strap and it fit like David Letterman style…

So I secretly tested the hand cleaner out and it worked like magic. Gojo was not even in the same league.

I told Tony about it. We agreed that we wouldn’t tell Greg so our hands would be much cleaner and nicer than his.

And that’s the story of how our hands were cleaner and nicer than Greg’s.