Chill Hospital

Mar 01 2016


I ended last night in the hospital. I’d been having trouble catching my breath on rides and on the trainer in the last few days. My ride downtown on Saturday was much harder than normal, I felt like my lungs just wouldn’t hold air on the flat. I blamed it on the headwind, cold temps and thought I might be coming down with something.

Later that night after I got home I started getting extreme pain in my ribs, collar bone and shoulder. I blamed this on the cold temps as well, maybe I just strained my muscles going up Midvale without enough layers on? Ribs, collar bone and shoulder all getting use standing up on the hill…

Sunday wasn’t much better, I had a car trip to make and I could barely hold my arm on the steering wheel. The pain was debilitating. It seemed unsafe for me to drive. I was still convinced I had the flu and some pulled muscles.

I pushed through Sunday and Monday, but now I felt like I had a stomach flu, or something, and then everything started feeling wrong. It was hard to breathe, hard to think etc. The pain in my ribs returned, worse than ever. I couldn’t lay down it made it worse.

At this point I realized I had to go the ER-I’m resistant to seeing doctors, but this seemed real enough.

After a a chest x-ray and a cat scan, and lots of blood collection i was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia in my right lung. I’m on heavy antibiotics and some Tylenol 3 right now. I’ll be better soon, but the blog will probably run slow for today.

Our homeboy Vanilla died in 2000 from pneumonia in the East Village. He was sick forever and then he went to the hospital and died. He was in his 20’s. RIP Vanilla.

Maybe I wouldn’t have gone if I hadn’t read about Brian Baylis. I don’t know. I’m obviously relieved I went. Right now I’m tired, we’ll be back up soon. go team.



(on an off note, the Sixers got dropped from the playoffs already. WTF? How fucking bad can we be at basketball? I miss AI and the year 2000! Practice? Are we talking about practice?)

(on another note if you lie in a Primary state vote today. This matters! Our direction as a nation is being decided now! We can not go further Right and all candidates except Sanders will take us there!)