Landlords Approved Politics:

Feb 28 2016

Please check out Mr. Kunle

Media coverage of the Democratic Primary in the US is a sham.

There’s a narrative that is blinding people who get their news solely from mainstream media.

But don’t feel good about yourself because you don’t watch TV:

Twitter, google and youtube are compromised as well.

NPR? Bumming me out!

The New York Times, the Washington Post and other formerly trusted periodicals are now unreliable sources of tainted info supplied and approved by political operatives.

It’s horrible and fascinating to watch what’s happening here. The fact that the media is being controlled by “the left” shows how far “right” the USA has become.

I never had twitter before – I signed up just to follow Kunle. I guess you could follow Glenn Greenwald and Lee Fang too. But Kunle’s way funnier.

If anyone actually cares or it’s not obvious, I support Bernie Sanders.

The only other options will crush the poor and further decimate the middle class.

(these are my opinions, they don’t necessarily represent the rest of Landlords Cycling. If you don’t want politics on your bike blog go to some other boring bike blog. -Tim )

(Don’t care about this stuff because you’re to cool and “punk”? Remember when hardcore music had it out for Reagan? Some powerful music comes out of that era.)

(Soo off topic – I was just reading through old mainstream media articles about hardcore and I found one where a guy is reviewing Blood, Sweat, and No Tears. He compares it to an “aural mugging” I just thought that was funny.)