Germantown Update

Feb 27 2016

More suspicious fires in Gtown…This sucks.

…As does this. Luke tried to get me into a retail spot a couple of years ago in Germantown, there was hazy ownership on the building and a “water ice” chain got the lease.

As a side note when I was trying to make Coulter Street happen someone broke into the basement and cut all the pipes out without turning the water off-so the whole basement filled for a day.

It looked like a pool.

It’s so hard to set up here. You need to buy a building. You can’t rent, everyone wants downtown market rate for their dilapidated shit hole that’s been closed for 10 years.

You can buy a building on the cheap or at an auction-you’re probably going to have to battle one of a few local developers who are grabbing most of the retail property here. If they decide to let you get something you’re good. After you buy a building you have to secure the building. I mean get an actual security guard for overnights during construction and then some crazy alarm system afterwards.

Rehab the space.
Find paying customers and try not to get robbed.

Germantown is great for residential life, but holding down a business here, you have to stay strong!