“I’m building for the next generation, or the one after that…” -Brian Baylis

Feb 24 2016

This quote sums up much of the motivation behind Landlords in 2016.

Our way of life is fading and our heroes are dying…

The cities have changed, the people have changed, many of places and things we loved are gone…

The world has moved on.

Landlords is meant to showcase and preserve the old ways for future generations.

Some base thinkers might misunderstand this as nostalgia.

It’s more than that, it’s our culture and our history.

This is our responsibility because this is our way of life!

If it’s not celebrated and protected it will disappear…

and then all that’s left is mass production and limited thinking.

You can never go back, you can just carry the torch forward.

And that’s your job now too.
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