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Feb 18 2016

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It’s bad enough that you have to bunny hop 50 tree root raised, asphalt cracks if you take the West side path, this morning you also have to dodge traffic.

Oh well.

You ever see how people park in Fairmount Park? You think they give a fuck about a bike path or some grass? I have seen cars on the sand in baseball fields and on the lawns of historic mansions.

No fucks given.

Moving on…

Check out that changing skyline…

Hey this is so weird I just wanted to bring it up here:
Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.12.56 AM
Lonely Planet (a large guide book company) has rated Philadelphia as their number one tourist destination in the US this year?

Ok, ok. New things happening here.

So if you were to come here and you’re into bikes-
the week of June 5th is when to do it to check out the Philadelphia Cycling Classic. The men’s race was upgraded to 1.1 so it will be extra hype on the Wall and Lemon Hill and everywhere else!

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.15.15 AM

Hopefully they’ll put the Parkway laps back into the route!
Not much more info here

Bringing this all back full circle:

Remember in Richmond when the dude drove his camaro onto the course? What a psycho!

and finally:

(Is Big Brad going to have a crazy set up on Lemon Hill this year to pump up the 1.1 hype crowd? It seems like you have to come pretty hard if the race is of a new caliber. )