Can’t Get Away With Anything These Days

Feb 18 2016

Whether you’re an old lady boobytrapping MTB trails in BC or a dude smashing and grabbing in Philly, you are on camera.

I guess that goes double for quality of life crimes too.



(Fun Fact-the guy is throwing a brick through the window of the old ICY Sign shop on Girard, where countless hours of Landlords activities took place. It’s a bike shop now. No one ever threw a brick through the sign shop window.)

Hey remember my pro-roll gate argument?

Here’s the thing-There’s a lot of public money in the form of conditional grants and loans available for businesses opening in low income, commercial corridors.

One of the conditions for the facade grant is that you don’t get a roll gate.

CDC’s don’t like roll gates and think they halt reinvigoration.

But that sucks for the business who gets a rock thrown through their window.

There’s a lot of other conditions for this stuff and a lot of pockets to fill…