Digital EPO

Feb 17 2016

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Digital EPO
…and now you know.

Ok on a scale:

1-blood doping for strava
2-electric motor for strava
3-performance enhancers for strava (including digital?)

4-blood doping for gran fondo
5-electric motor for gran fondo
6-performance enhancers for gran fondo

7-blood doping for racing
8-electric motor for racing
9-performance enhancers for racing

Everyone on the list is a mega dickhead.

1 being most mega dickhead
9 being mostly mega dickhead

(Looking back at this a day later I’m not sure at all about these ratings. you’re just a dickhead up and down I don’t know how else to qualify it. Blood transfusions are ghoulish, performance enhancers are dangerous, and motors are crossing some kind of sacred human/bike line that a lot of people find more offensive.)