Greatest Hits: Rochet Super Special

Feb 13 2016

(From December 2010. )

Guest Bloggerr Track Bike Larry discusses a new project…

My friend found this bike in a garage, he says it’s his grandfather’s, he was going to throw it out, but I said “No way man, I can make a track bike out of that thang!”

I mean I guess it’s cool, it’s not a track bike though. Track bike is like the coolest bike ever, because it’s like no brakes and stuff. The coolest thing you can do on a track bike is skid like a million feet. Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I was thinking about prying this off and throwing it away. I mean a lion? He’s not even on a track bike. guh. I hate old crap like this. Bunch of old farts and their antique bike bullshit, right?

I guess i can cut these off and weld on some track drop outs. I hope this old piece of junk can hold my mag wheels. Simplex? Is that NJS?

Whats with all these doo-dads sticking out? I have to cut them off so I can skid better, I would hate to poke my leg on that one doo-hickey.

I’ll post pictures after I grind off all that garbage, spray paint the frame, hook it up with some cool track parts and do a footplant off a bank while skidding.

Hey also, do you like ear plugs?

-Track Bike Larry

(Remember one thing: You can not ever beat the Landlords. It is impossible. So not sorry. 😉 Evil Laughter )