BB Drop Morning

Feb 13 2016

Dave Moulton

“…This is why I maintain raising or lowering the bottom bracket on a bicycle has little effect on its stability, the center of mass is still very high.

The advantages of a high bottom bracket are obvious on an MTB or a cyclo-cross bike going over rough terrain. Pedal clearance on a road bike when cornering is another, but with clipless pedals this is less of an issue that it was in the 1980s.”
-Dave Moulton weighs in on BB height and stability.

For my own unprofessional research I will stay when I ride my early 80’s Italian road bike downhill for any amount of time it feels steadier and more stable, but slower than my contemporary steel.

Read way more here, starting with some trike cornering talk…
Dave Moulton

Does BB height influence stability? Is an Italian built bike Italian if it has a high BB? How high is the BB on a Pegoretti? Bottom Bracket questions abound.