Remember when VW and Trek did a totally sick collabo?

Feb 11 2016

When Landlords was off the air Gary Knight and I discussed bringing it back to life and posting only cars.

That would have pissed you off right?

Vintage Euro Sport Compacts and AWD all day. Rally Fridays.

Twills sent me this picture:

Somebody parks a super beat one on Wayne. It still has the roof rack, very oxidized and sunbleached, and the TREK decal.


That picture came from this carblog

“Even the Germans aren’t immune to the allure of run-out special editions. Witness the Jetta Trek and Jetta K2, which came with a bike or a set of skis depending on which model you chose. As anyone who took advantage of the promotion will tell you, it was a pretty neat idea since it was the only way to guarantee you got something that worked when you bought a Jetta III.”

haha diss.
Car dudes have killer jokes. I like when they bash VTEC.

You want to know a funny Gary Knight story?

Ok once he shaved his head, to skin, except for his sideburns. They were long, like a Hasidic Jew’s payots and it drove people absolutely insane. He’d be purposely obtuse about them. Clients were so confused or mad. “You do know what that means right?” type of thing. Of course he did.

You ever see the one Simpson’s when Homer wears the Rasta tam at Lallapaloooza and all the gen x types roast him for not understanding its cultural significance? Similar to that, but middleaged Manhattan-ites trying to school him everyday while he smiled. It was a great month or so.

What were they going to do, complain to our boss? LOL. That brother had a giant metal spear going through his septum, he didn’t give a fuck.

Can you imagine the complaint anyway.

“Uhhh, like, one of your guys, he has like, really long sideburns, and like a shaved head and he totally pretends he doesn’t know what long sideburns mean while he’s smiling. And I know he does know what they mean. And it makes me like so mad!”

If Gary Knight gets you in his joke sights you’re going get it for a few years or decades.

So he worked at this fancy, sneaker store in the LES. Like the sneaker store. (he didn’t have the haircut at this time) Kunle, Mat T and Kenji worked there too, so you know it was an attitude zone. Try getting a word in a conversation with those 4.

Kanye West goes in there, right when his first song was coming on the radio.

He was a straight up nerd.

Anyway I guess the story only makes sense if you know the store was called The Rivington Club.

So Kanye jocked the store, obviously, and he viewed Gary as a gatekeeper or at least a doorman to coolness.

Kanye asks Gary about how he can get a membership into the club, like it’s an actual club, and not a sneaker store.

I told you, he was a straight up nerd.

Gary Knight sees his opportunity to get in his head and tells him he has to buy a lot of sneakers to join the club.

Kanye asks him how many sneakers he needs to buy to get in.

(I’m going to ruin Gary’s closing line. I’ll ask him what he said exactly later.)

Gary informs him he has a long way to go before his application would even be considered.

And Kanye’s like “ok man, cool, cool, cool, I’ll get there, I’ll get there.”

Someother day I’ll tell you the story about Twills, Kunle and Missy Elliot. That’s another laugh riot.