Matsuri Beat

Feb 11 2016






-Matt at VIA

This Matsuri just rolled into Via. I’m fairly certain this is the same bike Solomon sent in a flick of-and I really have to think its the same bike Gary Knight found in Union Square.

Hold on Hold On

Nostalgic Industry Alert
You know, I really hope its the same bike. I remember Gary bringing it over to my apartment on Norfolk Street and telling me about the kids jumping off the curb onto it. I remember ______ asking me if the price was to high when he was going to buy it. I remember Gary being dead set on his number. I remember _____ coming over to my place in the winter in all this crazy expensive winter gear with goggles and that bike. I remember being in Ocho Rios, Jamaica on vacation calling _____ in New York asking him how he was doing and he was like “YO guy. It’s cold as shit out here.”

And then I remember a few years later things got shitty and _____ lost his apartment and I guess that bike.

So I’m imagining that that bike got sold to somebody on the quick and cheap tip in Williamsburg around 2008. I’m not sure what happened to it over those 8 years but the lock marks on that head badge show an active life. The bike was in neglected NOS condition when Gary got it.

Well anyway I hope it’s the same bike, to fully get Nostalgic Industry. I mean there’s no way to tell. Suspend disbelief. I mean this story does occur after the golden age of track bike messengers, but its still a couple months pre-moron invasion at the beginning of the story. When did the Moron Invasion start exactly? Its hard to say. 2004 or 5? There was a NY Times article that pretty much ruined track bikes in 2007 or 8. It was the worst shit evuh.

I remember around 2003 Gary and me were at this pay phone on Essex and Stanton and this old head on a road bike rides by and he’s like “Everyone’s on track bikes.” and both of us took note that something was different.

So let’s say Moron Invasion starts around 2002 and track bikes are dead when that NY Times article came out.

Or like that article was the nail in the coffin.

Or like:

I was sitting in Starbucks on Delancey and Essex the day that thing came out. By chance someone who was interviewed in the article was also in the Starbucks. How do I know this? Because this person was talking on their phone about the article and talking shit and acting like a G or something-about dumb ass track bikes. Not a messenger!

I had the Times in front of me and this person was a few tables away going “Yeah like OMG those guys think they’re so cool but they suck and we totally are actually cool, especially me.”

I’m sure that if that person read this they’d recognize themselves in the story. Hi!

I never rode a track bike in NY again. Seriously. I started riding the Freeway Bike exclusively. Thanks D Lord!

(Well that and my Pinarello Paris with record group in Banesto colors on ventos, sucker.)

Soon after we concepted the no fixies logo.

Also:We need some “mysteries and rarities of Via” type pictures.