Finish it Off

Feb 11 2016

Solomon spotted this gem on youtube. I must say, it really is a great way to end today’s NY messenger overload.

Classic all around. Some older footage, some newer footage…Everyone hates bike messengers…

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 6.57.53 PM

“You’re coming into a corporate office, why are you dressed like you’re going to the garbage site or something.”

See! That’s what I’m talking about. HA.

That’s such a ill dis. The garbage site.

You ever get dissed with a garbage dump based insult? So rugged.

In sixth grade I remember a metal head girl destroying this kid Tommy Importico because he had on an awful shirt She was like “Eeew Tommy Importico, where did your Mom get that shirt, the dump?” But it was like devastating, I’m not sure he ever recovered. He tried to talk shit back but it was to late, the damage was done. Her gear was so much more severe than his ugly, garbage dump, shirt. Motley Crue tour shirt, tight ass acid washed jeans, black aerobics reeboks with some socks bunched up over the top and this crazy big hair with the puff in the front. I bet he could have dissed her gear but her 19 year old, heathen, boyfriend would probably have killed him in the parking lot.