GS Disabled List

Feb 08 2016

Thue’s back! Greetings from Copenhagen, where they dress up in tape and paper hearts and hang out with their Moms in the gymnasium.

(Apologies for neglecting the GS in the off season. Now that we’re hitting February it seems like a good time to get back to the reporting. We’re expecting more snow here tomorrow, but you could still get it in today. Hey you know if you’re not working in your basement now, you are going to be a fat, lazy shit in April and it’s going to be to hard to restart and each climb will rip your lungs out and you have no legs and your heart will go anaerobic on a 2% grade. You’ll try to go on a 60mi+ ride, burn your ass out in the first hour and then suffer in Hell for the next 3. But if you lay some foundation now, it won’t be so bad. Peak intervals are in style. )