Schuykill River Trill

Feb 05 2016

All these CX races got me wanting to get outside.

SRT now with fewer muggers.

I guess tensions are running high after the po niner grabbed up 4 teens with a BB gun yesterday. Not to make light of anyone getting robbed or assaulted on this path, but it was really empty today, very relaxing to not have to worry about any unpredictable, ear phoned joggers/long boarders.

Plenty of snow left in the woods from last week and this morning. Bridges were still a little choppy.

Hey Philly people. This is yours. Use it. Or don’t actually. Fuck off, forget I brought it up. It was so nice today, I only saw one other bike at the Bells Mill crossing. CX I think, but I guess it could have been a gravely adventurer bike. I rode the Dandrea. No problemo, until climbing out up Valley Green and the whole drive train was jammed up with so much wissahickon mud it felt like I was crawling up the hill-while trying to friction shift anywhere up. It was cool, I really got a chance to check out the scenery. That one big stone wall near the top is so nice, I was studying it going 5mph.


Vintage Winter Assos (I was so jealous of Twills’s gator and bags and then I remembered I had a custom pair of Assos winter bibs, winter booties, and an all black Stinger cap plus those fresh Cinelli gloves. It briefly filled the empty hole in my collector’s heart. but only briefly. So sad.)

Check out that stitching fool. You’re not getting that kind of work from Murray on Essex.

You know there’s a saying out there “Assos-The Best.”

There’s another saying out there “Assos-Mad Expensive”