Wilier Assist

Feb 04 2016

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“Of course, Wilier don’t sell a cyclocross bike with a hidden motor. But a Dutch bike shop will sell you one. Cycling Math Salden is selling a Wilier Carbon Cross Disc bike (link is external) with a Vivax Assist motor pre-installed for €4,990. It’s ready to ride, just charge the battery and off you go.

The bike can be customised to your requirements and budget, with a range of groupsets, wheels and finishing kit available. The shop offers worldwide shipping.

“This bike will be equiped with invisible Vivax pedalling system which gives you 150 watt extra,” says the bike shop on its website.

The bike will be assembled with the hidden motor, which is concealed in the seat tube and drives the cranks, at the bike shop and sold as a complete bike. The price includes a bike fit and free service after 500km.

(I like how you could walk in a store and buy one of these, it’s not like you have to meet up with some Bulgarian millionaire ex-cyclist who will sell you one of 10 bikes he had developed in 2004.

You just stop by Cycling Math Salden and say “hey, gimmee one of those wiliers that goes up hill for you.” Give them 5k and quickly roll out the door

They’ve pulled the page off their website, but you could probably still get one in person.)

from the vivax website:
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All this is fairly damaging to Wilier. Anytime you’re riding and some dude tries to burn you on a Wilier you’re going to wonder if he had e-assist in it. It seems like Wilier’s framesets fit vivax motors well….

I don’t think its brand killing- but think about it. Wilier’s from now on will be linked to moto doping.