Ralph’s Matsuri-Classic Man

Feb 03 2016



(I have to wonder if this is the frame Gary Knight found at Union Square. It seems like the right size and I never knew what happened to the bike after its owner fell into the ether.

Oh you don’t know about the time Gary Knight saw three little kids jumping off of a curb onto a matsuri track bike? They said they found it in the garbage. He bought it from them for $20 and then sold it to it’s next owner for $200. After that things get hectic and I can’t say where it went. Maybe somehow it ended up in Philly. Could be it. Could be.

Wait maybe it was sold for 250 or 325, what am I a post ta do remember every the exact details of every bike transaction I witnessed over the last 20 years?

Regardless happy to see a Matsuri on the street, especially ridden by a messenger from NYC. It’s tradition. this bike needs a landlords decal. Maybe it’s time to knock out a big sheet of frame decals. I also heard a rumor about GSLL long sleeves…)

Speaking of contemporary radio r&B/rap music, I can’t stand 73% of it, but Classic Man is so tight.

I heard this song is about Paris-Roubaix-that’s why he says he can pull the wool while he’s being polite. He’s talking about putting on a merino jersey while being interviewed.

and obviously “I burn through the gate like woah”

Actual fact.