Sporza Report

Jan 31 2016

Sporza journalist Martin Vangramberen has more information about the case of technological fraud Femke Van den Driessche.

“It is very quiet in the Belgian camp,” said Vangramberen.

“It is very quiet in the Belgian camp,” says Maarten Vangramberen. “Again, everyone responded in disbelief. Jos Smets, Director at the Belgian Cycling Federation, even was crying.”

.”We also talked to Freddy Van Steen, logistics manager at the UCI. He told us that there is indeed technological fraud.”

“After one round at the UCI’s World Cup, Femke’s bike was controlled by some sort of tablet in the pit area. The bike was immediately sealed and taken.”

“The UCI has RLVB then called in. When the saddle of the tube was removed, there were electrical cables from the tube.”

“When they wanted to remove the bottom bracket, which is normally easier, that was not because the crankshaft was stuck. Just sat there the motor.”

There’s an app for that?