Jan 31 2016

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via @RankeBart @ndsports24 and Mat T

If you skip to 3:10 of this earlier race our teenage moto-doper really drops the pack.

(After that go to 11:40 and watch the moto action in full effect. Then go back and watch the whole race. Great course.)

So you have to think the U23 women’s Cyclocross WC is probably not the first time this has happened.

19 year olds do dumb stuff but I’m sure she didn’t come up with the idea on her own to add the motor.

Which then makes you go back to the Fabian stuff, and then you wonder, did Fabian have a motor?

Which sucks and isn’t fair.

Everyone likes Fabian.

He’s cool and tough and rode a tour stage with a fractured vertabrae this summer.


Contemporary frames have so much room to hide stuff and with electric shifting and battery packs…

and here we go the Gruber Assist …

This Lemond vid is OK but that water bottle is a little to big…

Now the question you all really care about:
How many Strava KOM’s are moto-doped?

I mean we know a bunch of old men are blood doping in Master’s level racing-so why not?